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An application that streams music, straight to your nokia, from the 977Club. It is written in C++/QML (QT) and uses api for querring the music/artist details.


Will be available soon at .


Stream from 977 !

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Using a variation of the Basilisk algorithm, an unsupervised gazette creation algorithm is explored. Some additional tweaking for certain domain specific data, improves results.


Unsupervised gazette creation

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Auto-Orient  Images


The application provides a way to display images in a slideshow; all the images with incorrect orientation are auto adjusted. It uses Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Haar cascade classifier and takes into consideration factors like illumination, exposure to processes the image.

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Smart Hunters.


Studying supervised learning along with a genetic algorithm.

A species of hunters is trained to hunt down a species of

dodgers. After a few generations, things become interesting..



The Bottle web framework is amazingly elegant to use with its @decorator functions. Integrating it with PyMongo , the study includes getting a small newsletter-like web application up and running within minutes!

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  Python Web Microframework


Exploring k-means

on data sets.

Clustering random data sets ,  makes analysing data easier, by partitioning the data space into Voronoi cells.

Dimensionality reduction using PCA further helps in partitioning data and seeing a bigger picture of data represented by many variables.



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